Team MachineGenes is now listed as one of the top-10 teams worldwide in the running for the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE. Out of 147 approved teams (plus a wildcard) in 2017, only 30 teams remain after successive rounds of expert peer review. Team MachineGenes is the only team left in the world outside Europe and North America. Enter the Diabetes Neuromathix website for details on the application of the MachineGenes platform in the medical field.

Images courtesy of AI XPRIZE.


Team MachineGenes is one of 59 teams (and three wildcards) to have progressed to Round 2 of IBM Watson's XPRIZE out of 10000 signups. The MachineGenes platform involves novel forms of evolutionary machine learning and AI, for individualised modelling of complex systems using partial information, both in the engineering and health care sectors.

Team MachineGenes comprises a group of Australian tech start-ups, namely Evolving Machine Intelligence, Turbine MachineGenes and Diabetes Neuromathix.

In the health space, Team MachineGenes is focussing on helping people with Type 1 Diabetes, including those with ‘brittle’ diabetes. Using our evolutionary machine learning and advanced AI, our software can recommend the best insulin dosage to keep each individual patient’s blood glucose levels under control with unprecedented stability and safety, as demonstrated in simulation studies and data-mined medical histories.

In the engineering space, we are currently transforming maintenance, repair and overhaul of turbine engines, transforming the risk and costs associated with operating turbine engines in aviation, power generation and the oil and gas industries. Our technology is being demonstrated to one of the world’s top three aviation engine manufacturers.